OOTD: A Crazy, Glorious Monday with an Outfit to Match

I thought I was walking into a calm start to the week, but it was a crazy and glorious day with an outfit to match.  I'm slowly switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring clothes and it's rubbing off on my mood and my overall day for the better.

If you haven't noticed, floral prints are practically on every piece of clothing in stores right now.  Like I have stated before, daisy print is huge this spring.  From floral head pieces, to tiny skater dresses, you will find pretty little flowers all over clothing in stores now.

Now, I don't have any daisy patterned clothes yet but I do plan on owning some very soon.  I do, however, have some awesome rose printed jeans that I got for $5 at a sample sale.  They are awesome and extremely versatile with any kind of tops and accessories I pair with them.  They are all over denim, so they're not in your face when it comes to color and to the floral pattern. 

I thought a cool color story would be perfect for this outfit, so I chose a light grey top with a cream ruffle under layer and added a bright blue scarf in comparison to the blue in the pants.  There's a tiny pop of pink in the shoes if you look a little closer...



American Eagle // Taupe Oxfords w/Pink Sole

Where is it all from, you ask?
1&2.  Urban Outfitters // Urban Alternative Grey l/s Top /// h&m // Peace Pendant Necklace
3.  American Eagle // Cream Ruffle Cami
4.  Scarf given to me by my Grandmother
5.  American Eagle // Floral Print Jeggings
Floral prints for spring go to the extreme; from modern 90's daisy print, to looking like someone just painted a floral landscape onto your clothes, all the way to pairing it with bold stripes and other mismatched patterns. I say try one of these floral trends and get ready for spring, blooming with style!
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xox Linz