A Tribute to Opa Oepie

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[Editor's Note: Grandfathers are mighty awesome creatures. Mine still stands out in my memory as a pillar of strength in my childhood and clear through my 20's. Hey, Mrs. Wilson! recently lost her grandpa and wrote a moving tribute to a man who had 6 children, 16 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. The memories she shared made me miss my grandpa a bit too. What did your grandfather teach you? -Jenna]

Opa Oepie:

He taught me how to play pool on the pool table in his basement. I learned to play Hearts at his kitchen table. He was hard to beat at Foosball.

He taught me how to wait tables and how to pump gas. Some of my favorite times were spent “working” with him. I made $30 in tips one summer and it was like I’d won the lottery.

He ate raw eggs on his mashed potatoes, made the best pancakes, and put loads of salt on everything. I always liked visiting him on Saturdays, because it meant Brown Bean Soup day at the cafe.

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