An Open Letter

In the few short months since I’ve started blogging, I’ve had quite an education in the blogosphere. It’s a jungle out there.  There’s such a plethora of blogs available, everything from funny to serious to thought provoking to cringe-provoking. 

We all put ourselves out there. No matter what our subject matter, we put a piece of ourselves out there that we’ll never get back. Those of us who blog about our own lives are particularly vulnerable. I literally get butterflies when I publish a post, it feels like I’m releasing a child out into the world.  I wish it well and hope for the best. 

A woman I know has been blogging her challenges, successes and failures as she grows and parents in a situation she never expected to be in.  She has been embraced by overwhelming support, but recently in her (2nd) HuffPost feature, she was also pummeled by derision. I, too, have been in a situation I never expected to be in.  I was also open about it, and was met with both support and criticism.  Yes, we put ourselves out there, but is there no line to draw when we publicly react to each other?  In the blogosphere the only code of conduct is self-imposed.

Back in February I wrote Julie a letter, printed now with her permission, along with some honest observations on the moral obligations (or lack thereof) inherent in our reactions to each other. 

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