An Open Letter To Austin, Texas

We can do better for you, Austin. The world’s spotlight is on you during this week, and I cringe and cry over how differently this all should have gone for you and those lovely, innocent 25 people. While I know I am not the driver that killed two people and marred 23 for life, and am aware that many factors contributed to this devastating event, I must concede that there have been a few occasions where I know that I made the wrong choice. When I lie to myself and think that I have never before driven too drunk, so I am not to blame, I promise I will look to you and the scathing reality of these losses and acknowledge that I have, in fact, at times made that wrong choice. We all have. To my friends who read this, “Don’t drink and drive” cannot anymore be considered a life lesson our parents taught us but we don’t really follow because a couple margaritas is not a big deal. This here, this is a big deal. This is real, this is serious and this is hitting, quite literally, home. We need to stand up for those afflicted, their friends and their families. We need to stand up for you, Austin, and say no. Not here. Not in our city.




To donate and support those affected by the tragic events of March 13, 2014, click HERE.

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