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4677, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday October 28, 2010. BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen finishes filming his cameo in the film She Wants Me and manages to smile as he walks off set. The actor was allegedly hospitalized earlier this week after cops found him naked in his NYC suite with reports that the hotel room was trashed. Photograph:

Listen Charlie.

I know you are probably thinking “what’s the big deal” about your shenanigans this week. You are saying it’s all overblown hoopla, even though your daughters were staying a few doors down at the same hotel. You had a little allergic reaction to medication, you say. The worst of it for you, apparently, is that your $750,000 watch is missing!

So, police say you had an “alcohol-fueled rampage” in New York’s Plaza Hotel just days before completing the terms of the probation you received for holding your wife at knife-point on Christmas Day. So what? You were naked and breaking stuff, taken to a hospital, the woman you were with says she felt threatened/has lawyered up/is eating up media bites promoting her porn website. Whatever. Mel Gibson has done worse before breakfast, right? You’ve probably done worse and not even remembered.

It’s so weird for people to freak out about this -— I mean, dude, you’ve gotten away with much, much worse, am I right?

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a big deal.

It’s time. The aggregate of your actions this year makes it a big deal. And your decline is more than obvious. You long ago crossed the lines from bad boy to troubled man to dangerously unwell. Banging on hotel walls while having a meltdown? That’s not bad, Charlie, that’s just, well, sad.

I don’t know what decades of addiction have done to you, but it’s clearly time to scoop up whatever money you have left and find a mountain. An island. A place far from work and Hollywood and rented women, a place to get real and heal. Or if you aren't ready to ditch the drugs (I know it is infinitely complicated), at least get away from other people who are destined to be collateral damage in your next reality break. I'd like to presume you have money, what with the sweet two season-deal you signed this summer for Two and a Half Men, but I know that one can never assume that addicts or domestic violence perps have cash left in their accounts. Shooting one’s wife must be a pricey mistake. Well, I hope it was, actually. Plus, serious drugs, purchasing women and buying high-end goods that you lose while trashed? Jeez, that's a shopping list that adds up for a guy.

So screw the money.

Maybe you feel pressure to get back on set because of the millions it earns you, but you know what? It’s okay. Screw the contract — better to continue to screw up your brain and screw up the women in your (or Heidi Fleiss’) black book. Screw whatever rehab center you’ve been using for occasional pick-up rummy games for years. Fire everyone in your entourage who has been enabling this farce, find one good person (maybe it's Robert Downey Jr., who knows) who can see all the way down to the good heart of that little boy who was once called Carlos Estevez before he was lost to your oily Sheen Machine, and get straight.

Because speaking of Two and a Half Men? Charlie/Carlos: at this point, you are the “half” man.

It’s time to pull up your damn pants and cowboy up before you hurt anyone else. Make that half man a whole.

UPDATED: November 1, 2010. I had hoped that by now, one week post-event, Charlie might be at least taking on a little rehab stint, but apparently not. CNN reported today that Sheen's manager denies that stories published about a cocaine-fueled rampage last week in L.A. now that Charlie is back on his home coast are true, with Sheen's manager reporting that Charlie is a-ok and will be at work on Tuesday. At the same time CBS says that Sheen's Plaza Hotel date, Christina Walsh, is still planning to sue Sheen and presumably will continue to make headlines with juicy stories from the meltdown. And People reported today that Sheen is divorcing Brooke Mueller. "A-ok" is highly subjective, I guess.

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