An Open Letter to President Barak Obama

Dear Mr. President

Tonight, when you speak to the people of the United States, whom you have diligently, proudly and often times thanklessly led for the past five years, I am hopeful that you will be the example of what we all can be; exemplify the leadership that will heal this great nation’s body and spirit.

Mr. President, we need to continue economic recovery. Most intelligent people know it won’t come overnight but, unfortunately, many need honest and profound reminders of how far we have come under your watch. They need further recovery plans that make sense to them. Former President Clinton has passed the ball to you; you must now score the winning basket.

That addresses the ailing “body”, but the spirit of this country is on the critical list and may be even more difficult to revive and heal.  Mr. President, please rise above the half truths and innuendo. Please lead this country to a spirit of respect, even for opposing views. Please lead them to an honest self examination of motives for those that put the good of the whole above the advancement of individual successes. Individual success may lift the ego of the winner, and even an entire party, but they do little to help the country succeed in our world today.

Please, Mr. President, when you speak tonight, hold the image of your daughter’s foremost in your mind and choose every word to make them proud, but also remember that they represent your constituents. People across this nation are counting on you, just as your daughters do every day. They are counting on you, looking to you, believing in you and trusting you – not to provide the wealth or force policies to share the prosperity, but to foster a government that opens the doors of opportunity putting prosperity within the reach of all who work for it, not just a fortunate few.  We are counting on you to lead our nation in the right direction; a direction of building on past successes, embracing promising innovation – no matter which party proposes it – and fostering the spirit of cooperation across the isle and across our nation.

Finally, Mr. President, when you speak tonight, speak as if you were speaking not only for your daughters but to your daughters. Use words that edify, that uplift, that encourage the human spirit and you will be leading the way to heal the whole of this nation.



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