Open Memo to Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State

Dear Ohio Secretary of State: 


As a proud citizen of the United States of America, I understand your concern for the state of our country. As a whole, I think we all have a desire to see our nation reach its full potential not only today but for generations to come. I do not think it is naive for me to believe you entered public service because of a belief in these ideals and a calling to help your fellow citizens have a voice and fair representation in government. Despite our times of trouble, differences in beliefs, and backgrounds we ALL deserve to be heard. When we seek to squash the voice of those whom we disagree with, we are in fact betraying the soul of the Bill of Rights, the promises of the Constitution and the hopes of our founding leaders. When we try to find ways to suppress votes unfairly, we trample underfoot, all of the blood shed for our freedoms from the time of civil war, to the civil rights movement.


 Mr. Husted, as a public official your job is to ensure fair voting practices for all. You took an oath when you entered office. It is always your duty to honor that oath and fulfill your job for the people. The Secretary of State is charged with working for and answering to the people of your state. You may have run as a republican, but once elected you must remain loyalty to ALL the citizens of Ohio. You do not just serve the people who agree with your political ideology. Despite what some may believe you do not have the right to participate in partisan preferences that cause harm to the electoral process and prevent the free exercise of voter rights. Citizens of America are asking and DEMANDING that you fulfill your duty of ensuring all who are eligible to vote have the opportunity without hindrance or undue obstacles! America is an example to the world of free and fair elections. Do not mar our image by playing partisan politics and creating barriers that are reminiscent of dictator, communist, totalitarian type governments. Open the polling places fairly for all people. The goal is to make voting easier not create hurdles when things don't look like they will go your way. Allow all eligible voting citizens of Ohio to have a voice regardless of whether you agree or disagree ideologically. By creating unfair barriers and trying to control the outcome of elections, you risk a legacy reflective of other world leaders who tried to control election outcomes leading to unrest and protests. It is not too late to make a change and return to the essence of our government's democratic representative process!


A non-partisan citizen who votes


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