Open a New Door

Is something in your life holding you back from a reinvention? MORE and the makers of Oxytrol® For Women – the first and only over-the-counter treatment for overactive bladder (OAB) – have launched a new program called “Open a New Door,” designed to help women 50 and over overcome barriers when pursuing passions. The “Open a New Door” contest will award one woman $10,000 to help realize her reinvention goals in the areas of professional development, volunteerism or travel in addition to a personal coaching session to help spark her journey.

Tell us your story and upload a recent photo to the link below for a chance to win.  See below for abbreviated rules or click here for full rules including essay judging criteria.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN IN THE OPEN A NEW DOOR CONTEST. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE THE CHANCE OF WINNING. Ends 11:59:59 pm ET on 6/30/14. Open to women who are legal residents of 50 U.S. and District of Columbia and 50+ years. Void where prohibited. Collection, use, sharing and publication of personal information, including photographs, in connection with this Contest is governed by the Privacy Statement, available online at For Official Rules, inclusive of the entry judging criteria, and complete details, click here

The Art of Reinvention: 4 Tips to Move Forward

Having an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, I like to shake things up now and then. Sometimes out of necessity (whatever I've been doing isn't working anymore) and sometimes just because I want to try something new. I've been self-syndicating my movie reviews and previews for the past ten years...more

Inventions and Re-inventions

The reinvention of ME and the reason for that reinvention are both the result of an invention – specifically, computers. I was a middle school teacher, and had been for over twenty years. It was a hard job, but I loved it. When computers entered the classrooms, my job became at once more difficult and more enjoyable....more

Seeking New Heights...Literally

I love to travel.  I want to go everywhere and I pretty much can because, as a single woman with no kids, my time and my money are my own and I get to spend both however I want.  So traveling is what I do. But I’m a low-key kind of traveler. I love to spend my vacations sleeping in until mid-morning, then walking the streets of whatever country I’m in, drinking in a café (or equivalent), enjoying whatever the locals drink, eating what they eat, and shopping for something representative of their culture....more

Setting Goals For My Life After 50

Now that I’ve been retired from my full-time job for about a year, I’m settling into a new lifestyle — sleeping later, exercising more, cooking and eating healthier, seeing my friends and meeting new friends, traveling to new places and working on my blog. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made in the past 12 months....more

Living the Good Life

Lots of exciting things are going on in my life right now. A few months ago, I decided I wanted to move from a house to a patio apartment. Reason: So much upkeep with a house, not to mention a big yard. I wanted more time to do fun things....more

Opening A New Door... From Sea To Shining Sea

Life is all about changes. If it is stagnant, there is something desperately wrong because we all grow, both mentally and physically, and change all throughout. You can even watch your pets change their habits, likes and dislikes, along with their size and even hair color as they trod along with us ....more

Venturing Out & Enjoying The World

When we first retired, it seemed like we both still had so many irons in the fire so there was little time for play. Between getting a new house, working in the yard, and diving into volunteering full steam ahead, things took a lot of our energy. ...more

Opening a New Door - We bought a New House!

Even though I will miss my fabulous kitchen in my old house, we are so excited about this move. For years we have wanted to move closer to the city. The little rural town that we lived in was a great place to raise a family, but now that the kids are grown, and we are no longer tied to a particular school district.... ...more

In the blink of an eye, I was set free.

The word was exhilaration and it was a word I never thought could describe my feelings of the day. For 18 years I quietly dreaded this day. Even when I cradled him in the hospital-provided flannel blanket, the knowledge that this child would someday grow and spread its wings lurked around every smile with sorrow. I naturally grew attached and over the years, got better at pushing the reality of growing-up out of my mind. ...more

Change can be a good thing!

First, we had the privilege of fostering and then adopting this little cutie-patootie:I'm not gonna lie and say that it hasn't been a challenge - from having to deal with (and subsequently cutting off all contact with) his drug addict bio-mom, to his preliminary diagnosis of ADHD. But the good days definitely outweigh the bad. ...more