The Open Season

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac

This past week my husband and I had to reconsider our insurance plan, as it was open season. Fun times! By midnight on Friday, we had to determine whether to stick with an expensive open access plan, or move to a high deductible plan and hope we don't get sick. Hmm. That's a tough idea for me to contemplate. We decided to crunch the numbers on all the visits we made to doctors this year and go from there. Left to my own devices, I felt like I was thrown into a candy store and had to choose from all the options, but none of them taste any good.

I might anticipate for the family:
Two sports related injuries that might lead my kids to the emergency room, four sinus infections, a few treatments with antibiotics, two or three requests for lab work, and a half dozen visits for various random strange sensations, aches, pains or rashes. There's also the potential of broken bones, a couple of specialist visits (although I'm not sure for what), and at least one x-ray. This is just a ball park. It probably wouldn't hurt to add in a couple visits to a psychologist but I don't want to push my luck.

When we plugged our "plans" into the helpful insurance calculator, it pretty much exploded and told us we were in for vast expenses. No policy will save us money. Fantastic. I guess we'll just stay with what we have. Glad we spent the hours figuring out that we're toast on all levels.


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