OPEN THREAD: Talk about Super Tuesday 2008

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Call it Super Tuesday, Super Duper Tuesday, Tsunami Tuesday, whatever, today is America's first-ever national primary with the power to finger a front-runner in each party, the result of scheduling 24 state primaries in a single day.

So spill -- if you went to the polls today, or even if you didn't, what happened? What do you think will happen? What do you WANT to happen? How did -- or will -- the next president of the United State earn your vote?

What's at stake is the favor of 60 percent of voters (NPR) and up to 83 percent of convention delegates required for the nomination (Christian Science Monitor). In other words, it's a bummer to live in Idaho, the last state in the union to hold its primary, scheduled for May 27. (Here's my favorite voting map.)

The race is historic -- not only do candidates include the first viable woman, African-American and Mormon contenders -- but voters have been showing up at the polls in record numbers thus far (50 percent voted in New Hampshire's January primary, up from 30 percent in 2004 - NPR).

We've reached out to bloggers in many of these states and asked them to report back on their experience at the polls and their take on the voters' pulse in their stake. Join us! We'll be here all day, inviting you to report back on your experience with Super Tuesday and your goals for Election 2008, whether you voted today or not. If you've posted on your own blog, leave us a link below so that we can come read you. We look forward to reading you.


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