Operation: Kitchen Cabinets-My chalk paint experience

After obsessing about creating a cottage kitchen since before we moved in, I finally started.  I wanted a blue kitchen.  I really wanted a chalk paint kitchen.  I tried making my own (you can read about that here), but that didn't give me what I really wanted.  I watched video after video, smeared different colored paints on the side of my cabinet and nothing was doing it for me.  I decided I need to go to the source.  Such a big project needed to be done right.  I walked into 3 Oaks Studio, our local Annie Sloan stockist, and talked to one of the girls there. 

3 steps.  That's all I needed.  1.  Paint.  2.  Clear Wax.  3.  Dark Wax.  According to the girl, this would give me the look I wanted.

I wanted to do everything right.  I bought a new brush, a wax brush, and I bought all the Annie Sloan paint and wax products.  I was also told to use denatured alcohol to clean the cabinets beforehand.  I hadn't seen that on any of the videos, but I wanted to do it right so I bought it.  Overall, I think it probably cost me $150.  Yikes,  I better love it!

So first all the cabinet doors were removed and cleaned.  I was terrified of the denatured alcohol, since the warnings made it seem like I would spontaneously combust upon opening the can, so my husband went through and cleaned all the cabinets. 


We, then numbered the cabinets, so they can be easily returned to their original spaces, then we laid them all out for paint.  I wanted to prop up the doors so that I could easily paint the sides but I forgot so I will have to go back through and do the sides.

The paint is really smooth, and dries really fast. Overall, I guess it was pretty easy to work with.  My biggest problem was letting myself believe that it didn't have to be perfect to achieve the look I wanted.

I went through and did all of the cabinet doors, then I went back through and did a second coat because the oak wood grain was showing through the paint.  It was pretty clear at this point that I needed a second can of paint.  I had been hoping to get away with one. 

Once the doors were done, I came inside and did the rest of the cabinets.  Believe it or not, but this was easier than the doors.  The paint covered better inside.  After I finished it, I could tell that that entire kitchen will not need a second coat.  Just having the first coat in there has brightened the kitchen up quite a bit.  The paint is streakier than I thought, but I guess that will help with the overall aged look.

So, day 1 is complete.  Chalk paint is pretty easy to clean up (I'm a messy painter!).  It doesn't smell terrible.  The color is beautiful.  And it's fairly easy to use, especially when it is straight out of the can.  It does tend to thicken up as you go, so a little water to the can is okay. 

You can read the rest of my process at www.throughthedutchdoor.com




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