Oprah and Celeb Moms Give Us Hope


"Oprah isn't 'like' many of her viewers in terms of income, but she connects to them on a personal level," said Lou Manza, a psychology professor at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania. "She has chronicled her own struggles in a very public manner, and this lets people see that while she is wealthy, she also has 'regular' problems and has managed to work through them. This gives people hope - 'If Oprah did it, so can I.'" This quote came from the DailyHerald.com which also included a quote from Butterfly's Co-Founder, Terry Starr.  It represents hope and optimism, empowerment and inspiration- all of the qualities found within you, the Butterfly community.  This is the precise reason we feature the dozens of celebrity mom mentor video interviews on MyWorkButterfly.com: Kathie Lee Gifford, Dina Manzo, Rebecca Lobo and Gloria Allred, to name a few.  Like Oprah, our celebrity moms offer a litany of challenges they face, or have faced, as mothers.  Guilt, fear, stress and anxiety are not lenient on those who have more money, more toys or more nannies. These emotions may be inherent in all. You'll see when you watch this February, as we celebrate Black History Month, with mom, activist and actress, Karyn Parsons. You may know Karyn as Hilary Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air... get to know her this February at MyWorkButterfly.com as the founder of Sweet Blackberry- a foundation committed to educating children about "unsung black heroes" via animated DVD's.  We are not so dissimilar- remember why the majority of us love Oprah as we do.