Oprah and Dr. Berman talked openly about SEXUAL ACTIVITIES again

On the Oprah show today they talked again about the age of discovery. One mother asked, "what do you do when you find your 4-year-old playing with herself?"

I noticed the same behavior when my daughter was little,(like most parents do) she was fondling herself while watching TV. I said: "Mommy does that too... she tickles herself sometimes. But I do it when I'm by myself, or when I'm in the bath. That's a good place... It should be something you do on your own." I let it go, there was no need to eleborate on the issue. It's 100% natural. I wasn't going to tell her to stop something that she was naturally drawn to do.

When my daughter was really little, around two, I made up a silly song that I also used to act out and point to my different body parts:

THESE PLACES ARE MINE, AND I'M THE BOSS:  (copywritten text - not be be republished)

  • Nobody is allow to put their fingers in your eyes.
  • Nobody is allowed to put their fingers in your ears.
  • Nobody is allowed to put their fingers in your nose.
  • Nobody is allowed to put their fingers in your mouth.
  • Nobody is allowed to put their fingers in your bum,
  • and nobody is allowed to touch you down there in your private part.

There was no issue, or reference that your body parts are bad or a big bad person might try and molester you one day. I wasn't going to scare her with images of sexual abuse. It was more about, this is your body and you get to be the boss of your body. Teach them at an early age, in a light hearted way... honest way. Little kid will love to hear they are the boss of something!

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