Oprah's Family Secret...

I'm sure everybody knows by now, Oprah has a sister! Family secrets were exposed today on The Oprah Show by none other than Ms. Winfrey herself. Oprah had hinted in pre-show sound bites that her upcoming Monday Show would expose a secret that left her "speechless". Well, now that's old news already as the show has aired and we all know the deal as far as the family wants to open it up to the eyes of the world.

To recap: In 1963, Oprah's mom , Vernita Lee, gave birth to a little girl in secret. She also gave the little girl up for adoption, in secret. Vernita admits the nurse at the hospital asked her why she'd want to give her up when she was so cute? Okay,Vernita Lee says she did return to the hospital looking for Patricia, but it wass too late. That was told to Oprah & Patricia when together they'd gone to their mother for answers... So much came about before. Oprah told  the world how she( Oprah) learned she had a half-sister. It was actually Patricia, Oprah's half sister who would trace her birth mother, Vernita Lee. Oprah would learn of the family secret  three years after her half sister learns the news.

Oprah gets ready to do a show in November, just before Thanksgiving when she gets a call from a family member, followed by emails & more calls. Finally Oprah is told that she has a sister! Oprah didn't have an 'aha' moment, but, she was shocked. The Oprah Show's big reveal wasn't a bombshell to me. I'd decided it had to do with having a sibling, or, something akin to it. Becauseplenty folks during those times were ashamed of giving birth out of wedlock.Secrets were well kept. People have gone to their deaths keeping such secrets in their hearts.

Oprah learning about her sister was an emotional telling on the show. There's nothing like family and this family seems to be processing the news of another sister, aunt, daughter, slowly, but steady. The women have bonded, but, according to Oprah, their mother, Vernita Lee is still feeling the guilt of giving her daughter away all those years ago. Vernita, in Oprah's words, can " let it go." 

Oprah Winfrey beat out the media with news she's known for months. She kept it in the family until the family made the decision to share it with the world..Not so shocking is it?

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