Oprah's Farewell Spectacular

WOW! I can't contain the excitement generated from Oprah's Farewell Spectacular show! Oprah's Farewell Shows have been huge! Full of love, inspiration, contemplation and recognition.

It is hard to even imagine the gravity of one woman's contribution to the world but here it is. Viewers have learned so much about self and others through tuning in weekly to her show; she has raised the consciousness of people worldwide. I defy anyone to think of a person on Television who has used that media to do what she has done. Brought together cultures, genders and generations through her very intentional goal to lift the spirits of her audience. To inform and to inspire and to make sure that nobody is left without hope.

Due to her show, books became cool again, charities received more donations and what was thought to be impossible to bare in life became an opportunity to share and overcome. When you think about her accomplishments as a business woman, host, producer, philanthropist, friend, partner and human being --- it is simply astounding! Coming from her roots and using all that energy to contribute in the way she has, Oprah made history.

We know she is still there, doing what she does best. OWN TV will no doubt be a success because it will be loved in the same way that all her projects are. If you ever doubt that your life can reach personal greatness this woman is an example of how to use your skills to the fullest. Beyond using her talents effectively she created a solid foundation of compassion, class and civility. She is strong in her opinion but wise enough to learn more.

There are many women of influence who work just as tirelessly to make this world better, who bring together the expertise of others to build what we need in society but few will have the well- deserved recognition as seen by Oprah Winfrey. I love the thought of witnessing all of this along with all the other viewers who have enjoyed her show and supported her organizations/vision.

Let's not forget her messages and move forward on her agenda to raise readers and support charities. To care for women and girls; through education and self esteem development. To take care of our health, relationships and careers. To accept and celebrate our differences. To not stand in judgement of a person's sexual orientation. To encourage healing and to "live our best life." To remember our countries borders do not keep us from collectively sharing our wisdom as she has done so eloquently.

I will miss her shows but I'm happy for Ms. Winfrey's drive to take on a new venture that is obviously close to her heart.


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