Oprah's Interview With Nadya Suleman

After watching the Oprah interview with Nadya Suleman today, I came away with thoughts about this 34 year old mother of 14 children, where before, I didn't actually have any. You see, I never actually took to the whole "Octomom" phenomnea that the media/talk shows & mainstream America had come to define this person by. In her introducrion of Nadya, Oprah, herself, declared how after a letter from Nadya who wanted to have the opportunity to 'set' the record straight in perception of how she's looked upon as a publicity/celebrity wanna be woman who in essence used her pregnancy & birth of these children as a means to exploit for selfish reasons...Oprah said although she was invited to come to see for herself, what went on in the life of Nadya's family dynamics, Oprah declined the personal invite, opting instead to send a camera crew


Well, during the course of the program, Oprah's tough questions and Nadya's firm insistence that she would protect her children at all costs, I tended to believe this woman who has been branded a a media hound, sincerity. As a mom myself, I'm knowing how mothers sacrifice for their children and I'm finding myself aligning my allegiance with the woman dubbed as "Octomom". You do what you have to, to protect your children..when  young, we sometimes make bad choices, do we not? It's how we learn to deal with our mistakes that sets us on a journey to development and growth.


As a woman and advocate for the "underdog", I think that folks should lay off of Ms. Suleman. Give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she continue to do right by her large family additions by making her children the focus of decisions. For folks who are willing to offer advice/financial assistance and support, why don't you? Oprah Winfrey made it clear that her show doesn't pay for interviews-what about donations Oprah? Surely you won't miss out on a opportunity to help a struggling mother feed 14 hungry mouths, now would yoo?


BTW: Great interview Nadya! From one mother to another,I applaud your decision not to do playboy, or pose nude, but someday, you just might have to consider doing something along the lines of reality tv-work it out where the children won't become subject matter for media fodder... Ok, the floor is open for debate...


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