Oprah's Next Chapter ft. Jamie Foxx, 3 Golden Sisters & Life

This weekend was pretty laid back, although one minute it felt like time was moving too fast and the next too slow. I'm going to blame it on the mild & weird weather we're experiencing in December.

  • Oprah's Next Chapter featuring Jamie Foxx was on this past Sunday night. I loved one of the stories that Jamie told about playing piano at a guy's house in Texas, back in 84'. How the racist treatment of the man & his guests helped to propel him to bigger and better things in life. Leaving his home town, educating himself and wanting to be treated like an equal human being. Something that he was never going to get staying where he grew up. I love it when I see interviews with people and it opens my eyes to a different side of them. Usually for the better. Did anyone else see the interview? There's going to be a Part 2, to Jamie Foxx's interview on December 23rd. You should try and catch the show to hear the full story.


  • The 3 Golden Sisters, is also on OWN. Saw the sneak peak Sunday night and those ladies are funny. It's basically about 3  mature sisters, living in New York state. They give advice and basically tell it, like life is. My mouth was open quite a bit, but they are funny. They caught the attention of producers from their personal vlogs, and now they have a reality show.  I wonder if they regret any of the stuff that they say in front of the camera. They kind of remind me of some of my relatives (names will be withheld ;))

Otherwise just a busy time of year, more so because it's the end of 2012, than it being Christmas. I have my short story deadline looming and I'm trying not to stress about it. I'm actually succeeding with that. Let me knock on wood. :) I'm doing everything that I can to meet my own deadline. If I meet the deadline, great. If not, I'll just continue to work until I'm done. I'm over punishing myself. I have to be my own advocate, cheerleader and butt-kicker. With that in mind, I know that I can have the life that I want and know that I deserve. Have a great week beautiful people!


Till next time,



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