Trying to Be Optimistic About My Son's Brain Tumor

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[Editor's Note: There are few scarier things than having sick children. Alison at An Ordinary Mom is trying to remain calm and optimistic in light of her son's recent diagnosis of a brain tumor. If you have time, go give this mom -- and son -- some love. -Jenna]

Optimistic {About a Brain Tumor}:

Brain modelMe, on the other hand? Stunned. Feeling weak and helpless.

When we got to the oncology clinic, we were greeted by a nurse practitioner who said that the neurosurgeon could see us right then, so we were going to take a little walk, and talk on the way.


So we walked. To his office across the street and down a block or two. And we talked. Once there, we handed over the DVD with the MRI image files that our clinic had sent with us, and then we started filling out paperwork while the nurse practitioner headed back to look at the MRI images with the neurosurgeon. And then it was time to meet the man that will be cutting the tumor out of my son’s brain…!!!

(cannot believe I just typed that…!!!)

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