Opting Out

Today my maid asked me why I don’t have children, and I told her we are
saving money and have only been married for a short amount of time.
Then she asked how old I am. 29. At that, she proudly informed me that
she had her first child at 18 years of age and was in labor for two
days. “What kind of endorsement of motherhood is that?” I wondered as
she continued to tell me that I should hurry up and have children
before it’s too late. My answer that we’re saving money is like a white
lie. We are saving money, but frankly I am not in any hurry to become a
mother, and the Baby Momma hype about women who wait to long and
suddenly yearn for motherhood is feeding a mythology that erases women
like me. Would the world have embraced Tina Fey's "gynocrentric" movie if instead of craving motherhood she went to great lengths to avoid it?

Strangers seem to think my unproductive womb is a reasonable avenue of discourse, though.


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