Oral Reciprocation and the Art of Going Downunder

It’s been brought to my attention recently that a growing number of sexually active men don’t understand the concept of Oral Reciprocation.

These men, mostly in their twenties, attempt to convince their ladies, in a variety of ways, to perform oral gratification on their ever yearning penises. They’ll promise dinner at that restaurant she’s been nagging about.  They’ll commit to going to her nephews 7th birthday party.  They’ll even promise to invite her annoying brother over to watch the game, if only she’ll take his favorite tool from hand to mouth.  They beg, plead and even blackmail their way in but when she says “I will if you will” they back stroke like a high strung Olympiad on steroids.

Why do some men do everything possible to avoid becoming orally intimate with a vagina?  What is it about a woman’s honey pot that scares men so? And what makes them think it is okay to request something for themselves that they refuse to provide another?

Oral reciprocation…the art of giving and receiving oral sex…is a beautiful and intimate act.  Doing the work required to give your partner the gift of oral gratification is not only an act of kindness, it’s the cornerstone of a solid sexual coupling.  If separate rules, expectations and limitations are placed on bedroom activities then no two beings can truly come together to achieve their fullest potential as a couple.

Perhaps these men, who may be willing but are also bewildered and somewhat apprehensive, should approach her honey pot openly and with a bit of humor.  Let her know you aren’t exactly sure what you’re doing or where to start and that a little direction from her would be helpful. Ask her to spruce that baby up a bit with some scented soap and a razor. If you aren’t sure what or where her clit is, ask her to show you. After all, the clit is the main attraction! Don’t be afraid to inquire about your progress…does this feel good? Should I keep going?  Listen to her…is she moaning or dead silent? Moans are good, unexpected whimpers and gasps are better…dead silence probably means you are missing the mark and need to do a change up.

The point is, don’t be afraid to please her orally, especially when you want the same gratification from her! Take your time, ask questions and approach it like a new tech device you need learn to use effectively.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or input you’d like to share, please do so. Information is the key to success…whatever the endeavor!  



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