Organic Baby

  I have decided that it's MUCH easier to commit your child to a life of healthy eating than it is yourself.  Since the day I got preganant I decided that my child would have a healthy attitude toward eating, and if I had anything to say about it he would never know that his mommy was a sugar junkie, and furthermore not become one himself.  And so far I have done a pretty good job.

  Aside from one aunt who decided to give him a piece of a cookie and a grandpa that let him lick a cook around Chirstmas when he was only 4mos old (GRRR), he has only eaten the healthiest foods.  And I give myself ALL THE CREDIT.  I bought all the books and took my commitment to the next level. 

  I exclusively breast fed him until he was almost 7mos old.  And when I introduced him to his first "solids" I gave him Earth's Best which is an all organic, all natural line of baby food.  And since then I have made alot of my own baby food, which is even better (provided you use all organic produce).  No junk food, no unneccessary sugars, no juices to fill him up, just water, and I've even given him some tofu and other protien packed alternatives to meat.....

  Too bad I've not been the best "food role model".  Today I had rice-a-roni, some corn on the cob, left over chinese food, a cup of water, lots of apple juice, and a sinfully delightful plate of ice cream.  Not the healthiest menu huh?  Well, my excuse is this - if I were home I would be able to eat much better.  So when my vacation is over, it's back to my own healthy eating regimen.  The baby won't be the only one with a clean bill of health around here.  And I will set the example no one around him will - next week.


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