Organic Cinnamon & Honey Nut Crunch Cereal


For several years now I have not had any cold cereal for breakfast.  Why is that you might ask?  Well, I believe that 95-99% of the cereals out there today are simply just junk!  Most cereals are loaded with sugar and all sorts of other ingredients that shouldn’t be consumed by any of us.  I miss being able to crunch my teeth into some delicious cereal that is dripping in ice cold milk.  I also miss the connivence of being able to pull out a bowl and grabbing some cereal right off the shelf for a nice and quick breakfast.  If you aren’t familiar with my style, I oftentimes find something that I want that isn’t necessarily healthy for me.  I never let that stop me!  I simply set out to figure a way to create it using much healthier ingredients with an emphasis on focusing on organic and whole food ingredients.

That brings us to this amazing recipe!  I am super excited to have created a delicious cereal!  It is made with wholesome ingredients and will literally take less than five minutes to whip up.   This recipe requires you to dehydrate the cereal in an oven or a dehydrator overnight.  Once the cereal is done you will have the crunchiest cereal that will even be crunchy after you pour your milk over it!  Oh and did I mention that it is full of protein and is gluten free, grain free, GAPs, Paleo and Primal?  I think you all are going to love this recipe, I know I sure do!

Click here to view the Organic Cinnamon & Honey Nut Crunch Recipe!


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