Organic Finds at Costco

If you've been following this blog it should come as no surprise that I love to buy organic whenever possible. With that said, I still like to find the best deals because organic is so ridiculously expensive! The other day I did a little grocery shopping at Costco and had pretty good luck finding a lot of organic items in bulk. I missed a lot of things that were on my list but that was because Odette with me! Nowadays, grocery shopping has become more about whatever can be thrown in the cart in the fastest amount of time.

So, here goes my list of ORGANIC finds:

  1. Frozen Organic Green Beans $6.29

  2. Organic Spring Mix $3.79

  3. Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice (SO YUMMY!) $11.49

  1. Organic Chicken Breasts and Organic Grass Feed Beef $19.35 || $22.34

  2. Organic Broccoli Florets $7.49

  3. Organic Quinoa & Kale $9.99

  1. Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola $7.79

  2. Organic Fruit and Veggie Twist Pouches $10.49

  3. Organic Classico Pasta Sauce $8.99

These were just the things that I needed while shopping, but there are so many other organic choices at Costco! A giant tub of organic coconut oil is only $23, which is a lot more affordable than the price at most grocery stores. A lot of times they will have certain produce there that is organic and their organic bread is delicious! I find Costco has some of the best prices when it comes to organic foods compared to most grocery stores too. Hope you found this post helpful for your next Costco run! 

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