ORGANIC isn't healthier?

Recently, some news has been circulating about the validity of organic food not being more healthy than "other" food.


The Elephant in the room EXPOSED.


Let's consider this statement from a few different vantage points. Quickly!


1. US regulations state that products can be sold until proven unsafe. No accountability for safety.

2. Public is at risk as guinea pigs while corporations make astronomical profits. Some health issues associated with chemicals may not surface for years. A calculated risk on part of money hungry corporations and CEOs.

3. Chemicals used in production of food and products do harm workers & environment. Clearly placing people and planet at risk.

4. You are what you eat. Whether healthy or unhealthy. Your choice (sorta).

5. We don't even know what we are eating because genetically modified organisms (GMOs) aren't labeled. Vote Yes on 37 in California in November. We have a right to know.

6. We eat meat from animals and don't have a clue what those animals were eating. Again, we are what we eat.

7. We contaminate the soil, water and air by using inorganic systems to grow food. What about future generations?

8. The nutritional value of produce has significantly diminished from the 1950s. You must eat more of same fruit and veggies for nourishment. Could the cause be chemical/pesticide ridden processes?

9. The US government subsidizes farms. Not organic farms. Could these "research" results be biased?

10. Who or what do YOU believe? I'm going with my gut feeling that corporations and government don't care about my health (& my families health) as much as I do. If there could be a risk eating non-organic, I'm not willing to take it.

As always, welcome your opinions on this topic.


Hollan McBride, M.A.

Corporate Engagement Officer

Blazon Laurels


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