Organic or Chemically Enhanced?

In an effort to broaden my culinary expertise and perhaps even develop insane chef-tastic skills, I am reading an abundance of culinary books. Right now, specifically, I am involved in both Bill Buford's Heat and Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Chef. Both authors are informative, inspiring and basically all around fantabulous. My thoughts and hopes are that perhaps you all, as readers, will be interested in learning as I do. So as I go, I will impart on you some culinary knowledge.

I will be the first to tell you, I do not solely buy organic produce. Not because I don't believe in the powers of au-natural, believe me, I do. But more so because a) it's such a darn commitment and b) it's pricey. With that being said, Mr. Ferriss has provided a glorious chart in the Four Hour Chef that provides a basic example of which fruits and veggies contain the most and the least pesticides. 

For example, did you know that 92% of apples contain two or more pesticides? Or that peaches are treated with more pesticides than any other produce, sometimes with a combination of 57 different chemicals? 


Below you will find two lists: (top) fruits & veggies with the highest levels of industrial chemicals and (bottom) fruits & veggies that are safe to purchase conventionally (e.i. not organic).

"Look for Number 9" - Produce that you should definitely buy organically.

"The Clean 15" - Fruit & veggies that are a little "safer" even when grown the conventional way (e.i. with pesticides)

I am a strong believer that these agricultural chemicals and pesticides are to blame for most of society's health problems. But I also understand the various factors that make eating solely organic a nearly impossible task. This list provides some enlightenment and easy-to-follow guidance for a more organic lifestyle.  

Does anyone agree? Please comment, I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this topic!


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