Organics & Mommy-Hood

I fed Liam Gerber yesterday. I had no choice. It was the only baby food we could afford at the moment and now I feel guilty. He has eaten sweet potatoes plentiful of times, but this time his poop was BRIGHT orange, which has NEVER happened until I fed him non-organic jar food.

Ugh. I am so upset with myself. And at the same time upset with the stupid companies that allow horrible chemicals into our foods, our produce, dairy, and everything else they wish to corrupt. At the same time, I am upset with the WIC program, who decides to feed women and babies in need of good nutrition, yet they lack in the knowledge or decency to allow us to get organics. Then again, I am upset with yourselves for being poor (Yes! Very poor, I said it.) young parents, in tough economical times.

What do you do when you try so hard to fed yourself and especially your child the right way? And all you can do is turn around in the aisle at the grocery store and head for the most genetically modified food item, because the case is, that's the only way we'll still have money for diapers for Liam and gasoline for the car.

I honestly don't know what else to do. We're tight on money (like most nowadays) but at the same time, we DESPERATELY want to be eating fully organic. But most important to me, is to feed my son gmo free for has long as possible, as much as possible, and hopefully forever if possible. I wasn't given that opportunity, and our society, (and some friends and family) laugh at me for my reasoning in eating organics and feeding our son likewise. Is there really something wrong with not introducing my kid to those horrible junk foods that make them unhealthy and fat?

Any moms out there in the same rut as I am? Luckily Liam is starting tables foods soon, so eating organic will get a bit easier integrating it with our daily sit downs at the dinner table. I want a change, and it starts with my refrigerator. I will strive to encourage other parents to make the change in their homes, hopefully I encounter more anti-gmo families that can give me some tips. We're broke, trying to live organic.


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