Organization 101: Shots of Order for Toyz, Chorez, and Snackz

Organization 101: Part Deux

Chore Chart Update 

I previously posted my genius chore chart. The children took to it right away but I switched things up a bit to make it easier for me to manage. After creating labels for each household chore... I got out my handy dandy laminating machine I bought at Costco on a whim and laminated them. Fun Times.

We have a magnetic board in our kitchen that I put up all the important family events... including the children's daily chores. I've been thinking about this system for a while now, so I'm glad it works well. 


I actually used the back of old business cards




I love my new laminator. I'm gonna go crazy with it soon.


Old scrapbooking supplies



Boyz Room - Book Shelves & Lego Bins 

Tackling the boyz room has been quite the undertaking given each day it turns back into a disaster zone. A previous post gave a true and accurate picture of what I was working with in that room. There is a high need for simple solutions for order and simplicity. 

Yesterday I made the final touches to their room (minus replacing the light fixture - why is that always last?)... then walked them through all the different elements of the room. How the bed was to be made, how to take books down from the bookshelves (like at the school library) and where all the toys and Legos belonged once you finished playing with them. 



Galvanized bucket from the Home Depot


I have four of these mounted on the 
bookshelf for extra Legos


Bought 2 galvanized tubs at The Home Depot
for the toyz


$1 bin at Target


How cute?


Getting the book shelves in order.


More books to get in order



Our dwindling Dr. Seuss collection






Lunch Time Snacks

My children normally take their lunches to school each day. So that means I get to pack a dozen lunches every week... that on top of having snacks ready to go as we are on the go several times a week with practices. So Monday is usually my re-stock day and this is what it looks like as I prep for the week. I try hard to feed them as healthy as I can get away with, but variety is key.

Salt and pepper packets for hard boiled eggs. 


My new fav - Atkins chocolat covered coconut bars



The snack cabinet 

So this is just a small sampling of a few more things I do that make my life a bit easier and more organized. I find when I keep on top of things I free myself up to be more "available" to my children and my husband or any other minor emergency that inevitably comes up without the usual stress and drama.

Take care now,