Organize Your Child's Artwork, Craft Projects and Supplies

Get a picture of each art and craft project turn them into a digital photo album. There are many websites you can use to create these albums- very simple to do and they look so beautiful recounting your child's masterpieces throughout the year.

Make a magnetic photo frame displaying your child's masterpiece on the refrigerator. Use cardstock and cut out an opening for the frame, or use a pre-cut photo matte, and add magnets to the back of the frame. Create the frame fun by having your child decorate the front of the frame with paint, markers, and/or embellishments. Next, just slide the chosen artwork behind the frame. You can change the artwork weekly or monthly highlighting the latest masterpiece. For the craft projects that won't fit in a flat frame, use a shadow box to display the latest and greatest craft project.

Use clear plastic boxes (shoe boxes also work great) and sort by type of supply or craft project. I also like to have the clear scrapbook storage boxes that have a handle. You can put smaller containers inside it and keep them all contained. Try arranging the boxes sorted by type of project. For example, if your child is into beading, separate the different beads into smaller containers and then place them all in a bigger scrapbook paper storage container. If it has a handle your child can easily carry the container anywhere.

Use recycled plastic containers to store the little stuff. Wash out those butter and sour cream containers and store glitter, stickers, faux jewels, beads, etc. You have a container without a lid? Save them! You can use these to hold water when your child paints or they can be used as a temporary holder for items such as beads while your child is hard at work creating his/her masterpiece.

Label all boxes and containers. This will save you a lot of time hunting down the item you need. Besides writing the word on each item, I suggest taping a picture of the item, or the item itself (like a bead or jewel), that is in the container. The visual label is a great way for the artists who are still learning how to read.

Turn artwork into wrapping paper, envelopes, and stationary. Children's artwork can easily take over your house. This is a great way to promote recycling and gift giving. The receivers will love seeing your child's artwork on wrapping paper, envelopes, and stationary.


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