Organize Your Paper Clutter!

I recently decided that I just had to do something about all of my paper clutter. So I pulled it all out into a big pile in the middle of my living room, and got to it! Please excuse the dark photos – this was one of those impromptu-middle-of-the-night organizing sprees. :)

First up, I used an accordion folder from Walmart to organize all of the papers that I need to keep. I have separate sections for each of my bills (cable, car insurance, electric, etc) and sections for things like renters insurance, medical records, and tax records.

Next I went through the mountain of magazines and magazine clippings that I had pulled. First I just went through the magazines and tore out anything I thought I might want to save.

Then I went to each magazine’s website and found the recipe/craft/idea online and pinned it, then got rid of the paper.

Now I just needed a plan for keeping myself organized. Here’s where the Tip Junkie Executive Homemaker Planner comes in. I liked Tip Junkie on Facebook and downloaded the file, then set up my own EH Planner.

I used a lot of the Tip Junkieresources to set up my planner. Here’s a brief rundown of how mine looks:

Calendar Section

I have my birthday tracker in the front, then Tip Junkie’s cute calendar pages. This is where I keep track of travel and other big events. I also have a page protector in the back of this section where I can keep travel documents.

To Do Section

This is where I keep my project planner, with a running list of crafts and other projects I want to get done around the house. I also have a page protector where I slip in bills that need to be paid. Behind that I have page protectors with other “to do” type things. Right now one of them is a Woman’s Day article about preparing for a natural disaster – creating a home inventory, getting an emergency kit together, etc.

Phone Numbers

In this section I have a baseball card sheet that I use for business cards with important phone numbers – doctors, dentist, vet, apartment manager, etc.

At the back of my planner I have extra space for miscellaneous stuff – class syllabuses, reading lists and the like. At the very front I have my blog editorial calendar and a blank sheet of paper where I can jot down ideas for new blog posts or ways to improve my blog.

So that’s my solution to paper clutter! My Executive Homemaker Planner is definitely a lot more sparse than most, since I live alone and don’t have to worry about kids’ schedules or anything like that. But it works for me – and I feel so much better knowing that my paper clutter is under control and I’m so much more organized!


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