Organizing Without Organization Supplies

The cost to be organized can add up quickly, especially if you're like us- we love those clear, plastic bins!

Slowly but surely, we're replacing soggy, cardboard boxes with more durable containers- but what do we do until then?

Here are a few ways we keep organized while we wait to buy better organization supplies:


Have you ever tried the "file cabinet" type folding for your t-shirts? It's great! We also try to color code the shirts as well, makes picking out outfits a breeze! Looking forward to having a closet organizer in the future, though :).


We store those in boxes in the basement according to holiday. We haven't accrued too much yet, but we have one shelf only devoted to holiday decor (minus the Christmas tree). Try limiting your decor to one shelf- set your timer for 10 minutes and get rid of stuff!


Currently, our toiletries & bathroom linens are intermingled with our pantry in our hall closet. Guess we can't say too much on that ;).


Our mudroom cabinets are perfect for storing all our cleaning supplies together and out of reach for children. Are all your cleaning supplies together? We've tried baskets stored in each area full of designated cleaning supplies, but didn't find that to work for us since we have limited space already. Our chore list is by the cleaning supplies so we know exactly what to grab!

Is there anything else you need help with organizing? Let us know! And spend 15 minutes this week making any changes you have learned from above!

We'll keep you posted with organization tips as we go along :). Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Sweetly Yours,

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