Orgasm Classes: Gloves On, Pants Off!

I'm as down as the next girl when it comes to a little "tit for tat" in the pleasure department but a special on Nightline on female-focused eroticism had my girly parts scared! They featured classes offered at One Taste in San Francisco where male and female participants in the “ OMing” classes–yoga, meditation and orgasmic meditation do intervals of relaxation and pleasure, wrote David Wright, ”At OneTaste, 15 minutes of yoga is just the warm up. Then there’s 15 minutes of quiet meditation — also a warm up, heightening all the senses for a most unusual finale. When the final bell sounds, the class members pair off. Gloves go on the men, and pants come off the women. And, soon, the studio erupts in female ecstasy for another 15 minutes.” Yes, that’s right. For 15 minutes, men finger pleasure their partner, on a yoga mat, in a class full of other people inches away doing the same thing. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then Nightline showed the women hugging the men afterward. And one woman said, “Oh, it’s the best way to start a Monday.” This is where female sexuality is headed? A classroom full of men with gloves giving you a pelvic?? Gross. Gross. Gross. I can’t believe this kind of crap is being offered to women an a “sexual alternative”. I’m offended. And even my partner was turned off by the idea. I don’t need to hear, smell or see anyone else getting pleasured on the floor next to me. I’ll save that for the Cherry Pit.