Oriana Ferrell Almost Gets Her Children Shot

Oriana Ferrelll Almost Gets Her Children Shot

Oriana Ferrell Almost Gets Her Children Shot

Let the truth be told. Oriana Ferrell, mother of five, almost got her children shot and killed by state police. Twice a state patrol officer pulled over Miss Ferrell. The first time he pulled her over, he instructed Miss Ferrell to wait as he returned to his vehicle to finish his prep. However, instead of staying put, Miss Ferrell chose to drive off. The offer pulled her over a second time and demanded she get out of the vehicle. When she finally exited her vehicle, the officer told Miss Ferrell to turn around as he was going to handcuff her; but she refused and chose to walk away and return to her vehicle. When the officer quickly caught up with her trying to keep her from re-entering her minivan, Miss Ferrell struggled with him. This caused her teenage son to get out and try to help his mother.

Her resistance put her 14-year-old son in serious danger. His natural instinct was to protect his mother regardless if she was wrong. However, when the officer pulled out his taser, Miss Ferrell's son returned to the vehicle; but he decided again to exit the vehicle to protect his mother. It didn't matter if her children were screaming. Miss Ferrell continued to disobey the law. Even when another officer broke out a passenger-side window, Miss Ferrell willfully decided to drive off. The most horrific episode was when a third office decided to shot at the moving vehicle filled with screaming children. Had anyone one in the vehicle been shot and killed, it is obvious the officers most likely would have been exonerated due to Miss Ferrell's poor choices. Not only did she put her children's lives in jeopardy, she had taught her children that obeying the law is irrelevant.

Although her teenage son was arrested, I will not blame him and hope he isn't punished. He was protecting his mother, which is what most sons would do. However, I believe Miss Ferrell should be charged not only with disobeying a lawful order, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer, but she should be charged with endangering the lives of her children. If her son had been shot and killed, I'm sure Miss Ferrell would have said something like this, " . . . If only I had just stopped!" Thankfully, she won't have to say this today.

What type of message is this relaying to our children? Of course, we can find stories of police brutality. However, this isn't one of those stories. The state police officer was clearly professional and maintained his composure. It was Miss Ferrell who instigated the confrontations. Miss Ferrell had several opportunities to model honorable and respectful behavior for her children. However, she chose to be a terrible example for her children. No only did her action traumatize her children, I do hope she apologizes to them and beg them not to follow her lead. 


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