Ornery Cat Love

I skinned my knee last night tackling my cat at about 4:30am. But the good news is, I caught her and was able to successfully sequester her in the back bathroom.

I feel bad about treating my cat like that. Especially since she was my baby before I had babies. I used to lavish that animal with love. But she’s never, ever been a good cat. Even when she was my baby I would freely admit that she was a terrible pet. In fact, we never even even called her our pet – we’ve always called her our “look,” because she hardly ever let us pet her, much less hold her (she’s never sat in my lap in my life). But she was ours, and I loved her. I still do. But she has taken to crawling in our bed at 4:30ish, making this terrible, horrible noise, and then if I don’t respond, she will circle my head and whine until I do. And I don’t know what she wants. Food? It’s in her bowl. Water from the tap? I just put fresh water in her bowl. Love? If so, then why does she nip me when I try to pet her – am I not doing it right? How can she be picky about how I pet her at 4:30 am?

I try to be understanding. There was a time when I thought to myself, OK, she is just acting out the same as a child would, because she’s not getting as much attention as she used to. So in those times, I will try to pet her more and give her extra love. But it doesn’t seem to work, and I’m at my wit’s end. Right now, every morsel of sleep that I get is precious. To be awakened in the night by a scared three-year-old or a hungry baby is one thing; to be awakened by an ornery cat is another.

So I will put this on the “to-deal-with-eventually” list, and I will try, try to be extra nice to her in the day, so that maybe she will be extra nice to me and let me sleep during the night. But if not, I will be forced to tackle and sequester again. She’ll just have to understand that until the boys are sleeping through the night, it’s every man for himself.


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