Orthorexia Nervosa

The term 'Orthorexia Nervosa' has been doing the rounds for some time. I wrote a blog post about it last year - see here. It popped up again this morning in the papers you can see the article here.

One of my biggest bug bears is the amount of 'mis-information' that is banded around about what is and isn't healthy. I, and people who work in my profession, spend most of our time encouraging our clients to eat a more healthy diet and to take exercise and then along comes the media and with one swoop proceeds to label those of us who forgoe cakes and biscuits as being unhealthy, obsessive and suffering from an eating disorder.

According to the article I am missing our on vital nutrients by cutting out whole food groups. As they don't actually state which food groups they mean I can only assume (going on the picture in the article) that they mean cakes, bread and the like. I wasn't actually aware that cakes fell under the catergory of 'food groups' nor that they contained VITAL nutrients essential to my well being.

I feel that there is a huge lack of education nowadays about what does and doesn't make up a healthy diet. We are no longer taught in school about what is healthy eating or how to create a nutritious meal and with the increase in convenience and processed foods it is no wonder that obesity is on the rise in the alarming way that it is.

Another article in the same paper tells of a family of three who have cost the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) over a million pounds in weight loss treatments. They believe their obesity is 'genetic' and therefore not something that can be 'cured' by going on a diet. That their diets consisted of a whopping 10000 calories a day would seem to be the route of their problems not their genetics.

I conceed that satuated fats, sugars and the 'foods' they go into become addictive but it is the addiction that needs to be addressed. People need to be educated that fast junk food is NOT food. Food is something that provides us with energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals that sustain our lives. Food is not empty calories that has us addicted to our next quick sugar fix. Food is not something that causes us to pile on the pounds and leave us with diabetes, heart disease, strokes and the like.

Food is our bodies fuel, just as petrol is the fuel for our cars. If you put the wrong fuel in your car's tank then the engine doesn't work. It is the same for us.

So, instead of attacking people who choose to only eat foods that actually 'fuel' their bodies why don't we encourage everyone to eat this way. Instead of labeling those people as having an 'eating disorder' why don't we highlight the benefits of only eating foods that the body can actually get some goodness out of.

I guess it wouldn't sell papers but it may sure as hell save a few lives!!


The Fit Option



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