Orzo Salad w/ Chili-Maple Dressing

Do you have a favorite TV channel that you can watch all the time??? I have discovered that I do have one…….. and no, its not cooking TV, food network or nay of its international equivalents !!!! Its actually the home and garden TV or HGTV as its know here !!!  I love to see these horrible rooms or houses undergo these amazing transformations and end up gorgeous !!!! Will mine ever look that way ?? Probably not….I do have three children who think nothing of playing football, dodge ball or monkey in the middle in the house !!!!

 Why am I telling you this, you ask…..well when V was out of town last week, I was at a loose end after the kids bedtime…..that’s when we usually talk ……..so I ended up watching these shows one after another for an hour and half.  It was about these families or couples who bought houses with almost everything that they wanted and then renovated what they didn’t like !!! Now, we finally get to my point…….when we bought this house, everything was perfect except the kitchen….ironic isn’t it since it’s the most important room to me!!!  Anyway, I was ok with it as it was only a small reno ….only the island had to be changed the rest of the kitchen is fine. (..........)

orzo salad



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