Oscar Highlight Reel: Read Tweets, See Pics, Pretend You Watched

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Missed the Oscars? We have you covered. Here are our tweets and pics from the big night.


Since BlogHer CE Megan Smith had so much fun chattering the Emmy Awards last September, we decided to invite all of our friends to tweet the Oscars last weekend. Our panel included:

ElisaC, ParentopiaDevra, nordette_verite, Selfish Mom, Stage Mama, ElainesTweets, MaDonnaNegra, Surburban Jungle, Sassymonkey, debontherocks, MeganSmith, QueenofSpain, Mom101, Honeybeast and me. (If you tweeted with the hashtags #oscars #blogher and I missed you, I apologize! Please feel free to add your comments below.)


And now, let's remember together the highlights of the 2010 Academy Awards. (swoon)


On the red carpet, Charlize Theron displayed her flora and fauna.



First off, there were Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, a comedy match made in hell.



Miley Cyrus disappointed us all with her inability to stand up straight.



I don't care what any of you say -- I luv Jeff Bridges.



Sarah Jessica Parker came out looking particularly orange and with a hair loaf threatening to suck her brain. No matter what we tweeted, she refused to change it. The nerve.



We all love Gabby, hands down.

Prom? Did somebody say prom?


The Ultimate Prom 2009


There was a rather disconcerting montage of people who died this year. We miss you, John Hughes!


And the Oscars this year celebrated screenwriters quite nicely.

Sandy (did you notice if you're cool, you call her "Sandy" now?) celebrated God, man, liberals, progressives and pretty much every other social group with her acceptance speech. Seriously? She won an Oscar? Miss Congeniality?



Everyone liked Tina Fey.



And Helen Mirren.



But as usual, the Academy Awards ended the way they always do.



With a celebrity hangover. Till next year!

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Meet The Oscars New York


What did you think of the Oscars?



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