Ostracized in Suburbia

What is it about the suburb’s that makes them so “family friendly”? Is it the lack of crime? Well yea. Is it the pretty green lawns and cut bushes? Maybe for some. Is it the fantastically rated school distract? YOU BET YOUR ASS! and of course there’s the wonderful sense of community of being surrounded by fellow families and like-minded parents…….. and this is where I start calling Bullshit! Like minded my ass, if we were like-minded then why the hell do you people treat me like I’m some idiot girl who got knocked up at an inappropriate age and God knows what else.


I live in one of those areas where the average age a women has their first child is about 34. I on the other hand had my son when I was 27. Which at the time seemed fairly normal, hell my Mom has her 2nd kid at 27. But in my neck of the woods having a child in your 20’s is well……. not the norm. And to not be part of the norm has consequences. Let the judgement come on in!

Holy Crap I had a kid and didn’t have to see a doctor to do it, hell it wasn’t even planned, shit I was on birth control and still got pregnant. From the reactions I get you would think I’d been 16 or something. Do we have to coddle the women who do have to work to get pregnant and wait till their older to have families by treating the ones who don’t like crap. Every time I go out in public and it’s me, my son and my Mom every person thinks my son is my Mom’s and I’m his sister or something. I get pegged as the nanny 9 times out of 10 and have been asked how much I charge per hour for my “services” and did I have any openings. And what do I get when I say “uh….. well, I wish I got paid for this but I don’t because I’m his mother.” Well,wait for it……. wait for it…….. bam! The gawking eyes the size of dinner plates, the slightly open and cocked mouth and the lack of ability to look me straight in the face, and an “oh well…. wow isn’t that nice….. well he’s really cute; and exit. When did the suburb’s (or at least my suburb) become so anti-women-having-kids-before-30!!! Why should I be treated as less than because I’m not an older Mom. When did starting a family in your 20’s become grounds to look down on someone and make them feel ostracized? Seriously, what’s the deal???

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