Our 2013 Summertime Bucket List!

The last few days of Spring were rough.  I have no idea why it seems that things were insane all around me.  However, I am more than happy to move on to summer; it’s my favorite season anyway.  I’m excited about the new season, new start, relaxed atmosphere, warm weather and of course, the tons of activities that I’d like to try to accomplish before the new school year and new fiscal year starts here in Washington and everyone becomes way too serious again.

At any rate, I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought that this is something that I must do for my family!  In addition to creating this list as a guide, we are going to print and post it on a wall in our home so that we can check things off as we go, have a visual for our reference and most importantly, so that my daughter can hold my husband and I accountable for our summer plans (and please believe me when I tell you that she will).

Our Summer Fun List, also known as our Summertime Bucket List consists of a host of activities for both the kids and us adults to enjoy (though mostly stuff the kids will love)!  Some are very general things that we can do at our leisure, while others are very specific things that will require a little planning.  I’ll be the first to admit that the list is quite ambitious, but, they’re things that we’d like to do, so.... check out all the fun things we hope to do before the summer is up!  Hopefully we’ll get some friends and family to join us for some of the fun, though, we’ll be sure not to let that coordination process hold us back!

  • Throw water balloons

  • Run through the sprinklers

  • Go out for Ice cream

  • Visit the Children’s Playseum

  • Have movie night at home (this is always interesting because my daughter constantly highjacks the movie choices and tries to watch a super girlie cartoon movie like Bratz, Strawberry Shortcake or Barbie).

  • Go out to dinner

  • Visit the National Harbor

  • Enjoy a day at the beach

  • Bake cupcakes

  • Take a trip to Sesame Place

  • Eat at Medieval Times

  • Have a picnic in the park

  • Cookout on the grill

  • Play putt putt golf

  • Enjoy an outdoor concert
  • Read as many books as possible

  • Race Go-Karts

  • Make a homemade music video (my daughter is going to love this one... she swears that she wants to be on TV although she’s very shy. I’m sure she’ll ask me to post it)

  • Visit the local Six Flags

  • Visit Luray Caverns (I loved it when I was a kid, I think the kids will love it too)

  • Visit two new museums (in any city)

  • Polish nails weekly (no excuses)

  • Have new photos taken of the children

  • Go strawberry picking

  • Take a mini hiking trip

  • See a play

  • Go to a splash park

  • Schedule a few play dates (for the kids and the grownups)

  • Have tea with my girlfriends (this one is for mommy)

  • Have a tea party with Miss Honeybun (complete with dresses and hats)

  • Go to the Zoo

  • Visit the National Aquarium

  • Do Karaoke

  • Stay at a hotel (or the “building” as my Honeybun calls it... she has a big thing for hotels)

  • Take an historic road trip/driving tour via the Maryland Byways (I’m strongly considering the Harriett Tubman Underground Railroad,  Booth’s Escape or the Religious Freedom Tour)

  • Visit Barrel Oak Winery (known as the #1 “family friendly” winery in the world... hubby found this great pick)

  • Scavenger Hunt (I think I’ll create one for the kids at a location of my choice as well as one in the city for my girlfriends, only if time permits)

  • Ride a carousel

  • Eat Popsicles

  • Drink Slurpees (our favorite treat on a hot summer day)

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get all of these things done, but you never know.  We’ve actually already done a couple!  Of course, we have to try to fit all of this in between work, camp, the babysitter, birthday parties, book club meetings and summertime school work.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.  Wish us good fun!



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