Our Breastfeeding Journey: Getting Started

 That afternoon, after we went home from the hospital, my milk came in!  The first week I found it painful when Maddie Grace would first latch, but then the pain would ease.  Now Maddie Grace is three weeks old and I can honestly say its not painful at all to nurse.  I still haven't had any issues with supply, and Maddie Grace has been steadily gaining 2 ounces a day, which is twice what she needs to be. She nurses about every 2 hours during the day which is challenging, and sometimes I feel like I'm just a cow.  But it's worth it to know that I'm giving my baby the healthiest head start, and I love the time Maddie Grace and I spend together nursing and the extra cuddles I get from her.

 And of course here are some pictures of my 3 week old going on 3 month old… all from mama's milk!

 Did anyone else out there struggle with breastfeeding at first? I would love to hear your stories - share below!


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