Our Chia Pet Project!

These were another amazing Christmas gifts my children received from their Dad!!

They first saw the Chia Pet commercials a few days before Christmas and they went crazy about them. My husband and I decided that it would be something different and fun to give them.  

Although, you can find the different designs at any Walgreens, Kmart, Rite Aids and most CVS Pharmacies, I waited too long to buy them and couldn't find any of them at any store.

But my husband DID FIND THEM and he truly surprised the children (and me) on Christmas Day.  Unfortunately, he couldn't find the Spongebob Squarepants Chia Pet but he was able to find Scooby Doo and little man was more than happy to get it.

This is something that can be done as a family activity and its very easy to do.  

Both Chia planters had to soak for an hour (while others require to soak overnight), which is the same amount of time required for the seed mixture to thicken.  

While the planters were soaking I mixed the seeds with the required amount of water and had the kids stirred the mixture every 15 ms until it was thick.

You can either let the kids use their fingers or a plastic spoon to spread the seed mixture onto the Chia planter.  Ms. Bree used one of her knives from her kitchen while little man used his fingers....eek!

This is another way to teach the kids "responsibility".  (BIG PLUS FOR ME)

The Chia planters need to be kept full of water, which means the kids need to add water every day.  

View our pictures and read more about our project:



Do you have a chia pet??  Share your photos or your experience with us!

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