Our Daily Bread

March 11, "Our Daily Bread"  Mt. 6:7-15, The Forty Martyrs of Sebastea

A friend, who is an Executive Director of a large agency, said to me recently, "I have always thought of you as being a fool, because you could have had so much more more--security, prestige, and money, you could have been me."   And all I could say was, but "I have   had a hell of a lot more fun." 

The reality is I have learned in the knocks of life that the best way we can live is to depend on God for our daily bread, and share the rest so others can have their daily bread. To me walking with the suffering Jesus, entering into that suffering brings life, a life that will not let me go. Life for me is a process of self-emptying. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

We will hopefully be able to create more and more opportunities for people to experience vegan community in North America and elsewhere.

Practicing compassionate living together can send boundless waves of healing energy into our world and help awaken the slumbering conscience of our species. Dr.Will Tuttle

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