Our Engagement Story


Jon and I were set to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of dating on Sunday July 18th, 2010. Jon bought us tickets to the Michael Buble concert for Valentine's Day for Saturday the 17th and I had a feeling Jon would be popping the question that night but I was oh-so-wrong. The days leading up to our engagement, Jon recreated so many special and memorable events and dates we had shared together. Sunday night we went to the Cas Haley concert in Dallas, Cas was the first CD Jon made me and listening to him just brings back the feeling of butterflies. The rest of the week was spent re-living our first date (dinner at Kerbey Lane and spending hours at Town Lake), visiting our favorite Austin spots/restaurants (Mount Bonnell, the 360 lookout) and just having lots of fun together. Thursday the 15th Jon spent the whole day in Dallas doing a big presentation for work. He arrived home and I expected us to have a "chill" night but he insisted on continuing the "us week". We went to Bull Creek and threw the frisbee (which we had done multiple times early on in our relationship) and climbed up to this cliff over looking the lake where we shared one of our first deep conversations. Since there were already so many proposal perfect times earlier in the week and yet it hadn't happened, I was so calm, relaxed and enjoying the moment.

We went back to the cabin for dinner and proceeded to burn the crap out of our chicken...and I mean BURN THE CRAP. Fire alarms, smoke everywhere...it was epic (and funny!). I hopped in the shower to get the sweat and chicken smoke off of me and peeked out to see Jon on our home computer and thought he must be doing work, buying music, etc. All of the sudden Black Eyed Peas "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" is blasting through the whole house and what do I do? Dance in the shower! Jon and I heard this song for the very first time together and thought it was so fitting of that night.I hopped out of the shower just as Me and Mrs. Jones came on and I thought, what a cutie, he made a playlist! He whisked me in his arms and we are dancing and giggling in the living room. Next up Jon leads me into the bedroom where he has probably 50 candles lit and I am so amazed yet still had no idea he was about to ask me to be his wife! We had decided earlier in the week to write each other love letters for our anniversary and Jon sits me on the bed and says he is too excited and wants to read his now. Me= still calm and clueless. Our favorite songs are on in the background (Lucky by Colbie Calliat, Love Burns Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung and God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes) and Jon is reading me this beautiful letter. One minute I am crying tears of joy and happiness and the next I am laughing my ass off as he talks about our tons of inside jokes, it is so perfect! Then, "our" song comes on, You and I by Michael Buble. The letter gets more serious, Jon is saying how he has prayed for happiness and God brought me to him. The next thing I know, Jon is on one knee and asks 
"Will you make me the most blessed man in the world, will you marry me?". 
I am in total shock! Not because it happened because duh I have been waiting my whole life to marry Jon but because I had no idea! We are immediately hugging, kissing, crying, oh and I am totally forgetting to look at the ring because I am too busy asking him if he asked my dad (which he did that Tuesday, he actually asked both of my parents which made me cry even more). I finally caught my breath, looked down at the ring then started to act like a complete maniac. I was dancing around the room, heart rate well over 200 and jumping into my fiance's arms! 

(thank you for the crappy pictures BlackBerry)

Unfortunately we didn't snap any pictures the night of A. because I totally forgot and B. I looked like a wet horse. I was so excited when Jon told me my parents had no idea it was happening tonight so we raced over to their house, walked in and of course I start crying! On the way over we called my sister and a few friends. The night was so perfect, filled with so much joy and so "us". I am pretty sure I slept about 30 minutes the whole night. I was too darn excited to tell the world I was marrying the greatest man in the world! 
Friday mornings at my old job started before 7am with non stop conference calls until 10am and I was itching to make it Facebook official!! I remember being on a call at work, thinking I had the phone on mute and when a coworker walked in, I screamed "I'm engaged!!". Well it turns out, our entire sales team heard, how embarrassing. I was greeted with this fun shirt from my girlfriend Mary (who I also used to work with), I was on top of the world! Not to mention Facebook can make you feel like a total celebrity!
We went out that night with friends to celebrate our engagement and a girlfriend's birthday. My parents threw us an awesome engagement party a couple weeks later fit with family, friends, beer and corn hole. Check out the custom corn hole boards that Mary and Ross gave us...they are hilarious!

How cute is this shirt my big sis (and matron of honor) got me? 

(future Mrs. Hart)
I am so lucky to have found Jon and I love every second of being married to him. I cannot wait to celebrate a million more anniversaries with you Jon!

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