Have you ever saw someone pick their nose and now everytime you see them, that image of them stays in your file/memory?
Every person you know has a file that you create for them. Some are good files and some are bad files. Some are the most embarassing files.

This is how I came up with the file system. One night, I was at my cousin's house and I had an itch on my ass. HA HA yes.. So I scracthed it. And then I wondered, what if someone caught me scratching my ass? Now everytime they see me, they are going to picture me scratching my ass. What if I don't remember scratching my ass but they do?

Another night, my cousin said you remember that day you made fun of me and said such and such? (I forgot what the convo was about) And I was like really? I said that? She was like "Yes it was the day I had the cast on my wrist." I was like "OMG wow." So now people! You know what this means?  According to the file, what if we said something and it hurt someone's feelings but you don't realize you said anything harmful? Now they will go on and have this mean file of you and everytime they see you they will have those words that came out of your mouth, in their brain. And then you be walking all chipper "Hey friend!" And you see them give you an attitude. You don't remember or have that file of that day and convo stored in your memory.

I sit back and wonder. What are some of the files of me to certain people? Are most good? Are most funny?  Did I do anything that got stuck in someone's brain that I have no recollection? Now everytime they see me, they think of this one damn file?

What makes a file? FEELINGS.  If you notice, the files you have of someone or some place is something that made you feel good or bad. All of the days that don't stick out or that you don't remember are the days that you didn't feel anything deep; whether it was happiness, anger, sadness. The days with deep emotion are the days that you  remember. Your favorite vacation, the day you got married, the day you met your new best friend, or the day you got your first pet.  Then the sad days: the death of a friend or family member, when you were arguing with someone close, the day you lost your job etc.

Best friends usually have many of the same files. You both remember certain highlights of your childhood. The day we played barbies and made them bungee jump. The day we chased the boys down the block while we had the face mask on. The day we first got drunk together.

There are many layers of the FILE system. Remember, think before you speak, someone is always listening and watching. Don't let them store a shitty file of you HAHA!

The Queen


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