Our First Full Weekend with Laila

Well, thanks to some red tape, Laila still hasn't gotten to move in yet. She will now be moving in next week. All I know right now is that it will be after Wednesday but as soon as possible after that. On the bright side, we did get to have her for this whole weekend.

Friday night we went to dinner at a local fast food place and the kids were great. When we got home they played well together and had a good time. We didn't have any problems until bedtime. Elizabeth and Clay fell asleep right on schedule but Laila didn't seem to be tired at all. I know it's a new environment and also that we had alot of excitement before bed. Also, I just found out that she recently started taking Focalin for ADHD and one of the side effects is problems falling asleep. Even though I got a little frustrated I tried not to show it because I understand this is really hard for a kid. She stayed up until 11:30 and finally drifted off. I felt like I had run a marathon.

Even though she was up late last night, Laila was up at 7am this morning. She is really starting to get comfortable around here. For the most part she is calling me mom but every once in awhile she says Ms. Melissa. It's cute. She's also calling Robert daddy, which he loves. She is very affectionate. She always wants to be held and cuddled. She gives hugs and kisses freely. You can tell she has really been missing that in her life. I am so glad to be able to give her all the attention she wants. All children deserved to be loved and cherished and it makes me sad to think of the rejection she has had in her life. It's definitely their loss. She's a treasure!

We went to a swim party today and she had a blast. She loves swimming. We definitely need to work on manners but that will come with time. It was awesome to see her having such a good time. It also really made me happy to see all of our friends reaching out to her and making her feel welcome. As we were leaving one of the little girls said, "Elizabeth, I like your new sister!!" I wanted to cry. She is already such a part of our family and she hasn't even moved in yet.

We got home and had spaghetti for dinner. All kids love spaghetti, right? We watched a little tv and then said our bedtime prayers. She got in my lap and asked if I was her momma now. I told her I was, even though she hasn't moved in yet and that I loved her so much. She told me she has lived in alot of places and I assured her that once she was living here that she would never have to leave again. I let her know that when I become someone's mom, I stay their mom forever. That made her smile. I know we are going to have some rough spots and it's not always going to be easy, but this little girl is so worth it. She is my daughter and I love her!

Tomorrow's adventure: Church

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