Our Home: Messy and Marvelous, It's a Place Where Love Lives

There’s a mountain of clean laundry on the couch that I haven’t been able to fold yet, and there’s another pile of dirty laundry in the utility room that’s screaming to be washed. I just didn’t have time to tend to the laundry after work today, because the boys and I stopped at a park on the way home from school. Now, the boys are in bed, and I really should tackle those clothes. But I’m not going to worry about it tonight. All of those clothes will still be there tomorrow.

My cabinets are almost empty, because every glass is either clean and sitting in the dishwasher, or dirty and sitting on the counter. I really should empty the dishwasher and refill it, but we have enough glasses to make it through tonight. I admit, I could have at least emptied the dishwasher when I got home from work. But instead, I read about a dozen “boos” to my toddler.  He is such a bookworm lately, and I love it. I’ll deal with the dirty dishes tomorrow.

It was such beautiful weather this weekend that we left the back door open, so that the boys (and the cat) could go in and out at will. It was really lovely, but now we’ve got leaves and dirt all over the floor. I really should have done some sweeping up earlier. But I didn’t because we were playing our new “sneak up” game. In this game, Daddy sits on the couch and we “sneak” up on him (the boys are about as “sneaky” as a marching band) – then when he “catches” us, we scream and run down the hall to the bedroom. Then, we do it all over again. Even time we do this, my youngest makes the sign for “more.” And so we do it some more, over and over again. And that’s why the floors are still dirty.

There’s a half eaten banana on the hearth. That’s there because… Well, that’s just gross. I’ll tend to that now.

There are toys strewn all over the house. The baby is currently into stickers, and I keep finding them in the oddest places. The remnants of a tent are still in the living room, and the Millennium Falcon has crash landed in the den. But I’m not going to clean them up tonight. Instead, I’m going turn in early with my sweet husband, who I still enjoying talking to even after all these years.

Housekeeping certainly has its place, and I’m always aspiring to be a better housekeeper. But sometimes, housekeeping can wait. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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