Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings

A month has already passed since the holiday celebrations  and we are already in February . I had the privilege to taste some fine wines with prices that are quite reasonable. Some of us think incorrectly that only France produces good quality wine (Bordeaux, Burgundy, etc.). I think we need to open our horizons. Now, everywhere in the world there is good affordable wine. You'll see that some of my favorite wines are diverse but definitely very good and even delicious.

Fonty's Pool Pinot Noir
I tasted several times Fonty's Pool Pinot Noir Lemberton Western Australia 2010 ($12.99). A very good Pinot noir, a red wine with a very good taste, delicious to drink immediately for fun or with a steaming stew or lamb shanks.

What's better now that a good Beaujolais. It is noteworthy that the year 2009 is one of the best year for the Beaujolais and i really like the Beaujolais Terres Dorées 2009 ($12.95). It is a white wine that is very well done, really good in the mouth. Regarding the red, i would advise the Mommessin ($8.99) , a Beaujolais that is very well balanced, good with a great steak. Another good Beaujolais 2009 is the Beaujolais Village Château du Souzy ($9.99), very good for the small price.

Beaujolais Terres Dorées 2009
Mommessin Beaujolais
Beaujolais Village Château du Souzy

 I also tasted a good sparkling wine with a nice price, the Pares Balta Cava Brut ($14.25) very large, dry, but you want to sip it once, twice ...

Pares Balta Cava Brut
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