Our Nightly Routine

Coming back from vacation hasn't been easy. I miss spending all day with Sofia but the bills have to get paid.


This is what a typical day after work looks like for us...



I get off of work and pick Sofia up as quickly as I can drive. She alternates between our parents houses and our friend that babysits her, we lucked out in the sitter department!



We get home, go check the mail and let Vinny out to potty. Sofia loves to ride in her pink car and watch the dog through the sliding glass door. After that, we go upstairs and I make a quick to-do list on a post-it note and throw on my "junkie" gear aka yoga pants, a comfy top & super fluffy socks. Then we have a quick snack on the floor, see those puff crumbs in the picture!?

I love to snack on Asian rice mix, frozen chocolate covered banana pieces, slices of sharp cheddar, white cheddar popcorn, chips & salsa or pizza Goldfish dipped in garlic hummus.



I start to cook Sofia's dinner and she "helps"

Tonight she had chicken nuggets, tater coins, peaches and pasta with carrots & corn. Sprout Network is always on while she eats, usually I catch her rocking out to the songs.

She is getting too cute, Mike and I think that this is the best age!

 In the midst of rocking out she will throw 80% of her dinner on the floor, which in turn I spend a solid 5 minutes on the ground cleaning up while Sofia thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.

Sense of humor that girl has!



We clean up dinner then Mike gets home and plays with Sofia while I start our dinner. She was being too cute tonight, so I had to pop over to the other room and throw her in the air. She gets the biggest laughs when she's flying high.

Makes my Mama heart full!



I take Sofia upstairs to get her jams on then back down to have her milk sippy. She will never sit still while drinking her milk, she will walk circles around the house or play with her necklaces then finally come plop in my lap and chug her sippy.

Which is my favorite moment of the day. :)



Mike takes Sofia upstairs and they brush her teeth then he reads her a book. She's been obsessed with Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch for the past 3 months, we have the entire thing memorized. Right after that, I go upstairs and we lay her down and make her laugh. She's a giggle monster at bedtime, it's the sweetest. We turn on her sound machine & projector and she's off to sleep within 5 minutes.



CHEERS! Mike pours us drinks while I finish dinner and we hangout.



We eat dinner then clean the kitchen. Luckily, Mike helps out and either cleans the dishes or wipes down the counters.

He's a keeper for sure! ;)



R e l a x.

Usually I blog, clean the house real quick, paint my nails, take a bubble bath, bug Mike in the basement while he's watching tv, or lay in bed with white cheddar popcorn and watch anything on Bravo, HGTV, Food Network or E!



Get ready for bed and get on Pinterest, IG, read blogs or surf the web all while watching House Hunters!



Read my daily devotional app, check the weather and get some Zzz's by 10:30!


What does your nightly routine look like?


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