Our Patchwork

This is my story.  I've been feeling a pull on my life to begin exploring things from the past and the present so I can clearly see my future.  Maybe it's a part of getting older, but I look at it more as a way of clearing the way.  Pushing through the muck and seeing that it all is really there for a reason.  All of it.  The amazingly joyful times and the times that are saddening. It is all put in my life to make me who I am to be and to share that with others. 

I am a daughter, a mother, a wife.  A sister, a friend, and employee  I'm a child of the Most High.  I came from a life that is now like a dream to me.  We had it hard growing up and I feel that it is meant for something.  God chooses to use those times and my current times..the good and the bad to glorify Him. This is my way of sharing the days He's given me.  All days...normal days, or not so normal days.  I venture that some posts will be about baseball or pie or some wierd thing that affected me. some posts will (hopefully) be deep, exploring the story He has given me to share with others.

I have run  from this stuff for a long time.  I have processed my story internally and given God the glory for where he has brought me from.  But I think it's time to begin sharing the gifts He has given me in both the good and bad times.

I chose the title patchwork because I really didn't know what I wanted to blog about.  I have varied interests: my Lord, my wonderful husband and three amazing sons, cooking, fitness, wine, reading, movies, travelling. I also wanted to explore some heavy topics along the way.  Some important people in my life have been crafty.  They sew, quilt and knit.  (I don't). I was thinking that Patchwork was a good starting place.I plan to piece together things so the beauty shows.  The beauty in my flaws, the loveliness of my weakness, The allure of the grace that has enveloped my life. 


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