Our sense of possibility

I was talking to someone about my college years yesterday. We were reminiscing about what we remembered, how we felt and what we missed. I was telling her about time a few years back when I went back to my old college town for a short visit. It was a sunny April weekend and not much was going on athletics-wise, so campus was a little deserted. I decided to leave my hotel room and go for an early morning walk around my old stomping ground.



As I walked around the lush, green campus, I couldn't help but smile to myself as I glided past familiar buildings. I thought about all of the fun I had had, the awesome things I did and the beloved friends I made. But something more started to bubble up in my heart: I felt the exact sense of possibility that my college years had held for me. I felt alive and unstoppable.



But then I got sad. I realized that I no longer had this sense in my day-to-day life. All of my dreams, my belief that I could do ANYTHING, had slowly vanished throughout the years since I graduated.






How could I let this happen? I desperately wanted the sense back. I wanted to feel more alive, unafraid of reality and I wanted to feel again that I could do ANYTHING.


Why do we let this sense of possibility go? (Perhaps you didn't feel this in college, but maybe you felt it when you were a child or even a year ago.) We allow ourselves to let this sense go by focusing on things that suck our true energy from us instead of following our hearts. But when we get back to what desires are at our core, then we exude this sense again. There are always and will always be obstacles in our lives, but if we put our focus and energy toward what our heart truly desires, ANYTHING will be possible.


When have you felt the most sense of possibility? Do you feel it today? Please leave your stories below. If you would like to work on getting the sense back (and believe me, you CAN), life coaching could be the next best step for you. I'm here to help.



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