Our Styling Routine: Age 4 (and How To Wash Hair with a Style In)

Wow, looking back on all of our different routines it's amazing how much things have changed over time! These days our routine includes the hair care basics, but with one big difference: We very often (although not always) wash hair with the style in. This is usually the case for times when Boo has been wearing a protective hairstyle for several weeks. The majority of dirt and build-up is usually on the scalp, not on the hair itself (because the hair has been nicely tucked away in cornrows or flat rope twists). We have found that taking the style out and then trying to cleanse the scalp was getting too complicated, for no other reason that Boo's hair is so long and often gets in the way. Washing with the style in allows us the opportunity to more easily clean the parts of the scalp that were most exposed to dirt and conditioning sprays throughout the weeks.

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